With age, collagen production in the skin decreases and loses its lustre. Introducing: micro needling. It’s an effective beauty method which naturally stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, tricking the skin into renewing damaged areas.

Shaped like a razor, but with hundreds of microneedles at the tip instead, the Swiss Clinic Skin Roller leads a trend in at-home cosmetic treatment, achieving professional level results.

Now, Swiss Clinic is eager to introduce more British women to their state-of-the-art beauty technology, offering huge opening deals exclusively to UK residents.

Get professional level treatment at home
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The 540 micro-needles lightly exfoliate the very top layer of skin without reaching beneath it. They stimulate and trigger the collagen production as they are rolled over the problem areas to recreate fresh new skin cells.

Scars from years of acne and wrinkles disappear and it also helps to smooth out cellulite.

On the popular US TV show, ‘The Doctors’, their panel of expert physicians put the Skin Roller to the test and were impressed. “This is a cool thing,” one expert advised.

Virtually painless, the needles stimulate the blood circulation and soften the skin. While wrinkles and scars disappear, a new layer of stronger, healthier skin arrives, the doctors said.

After the roller has been used and small micro-channels in the skin have been created, the follow-up Rejuvenating Serum is absorbed into the skin three times more effectively.

This recommended moisturising serum delivers all the vitamins needed to help create a new layer of healthy skin.

The Swiss Clinic Skin Roller recently picked up the award for Innovation of the Year 2015, and is at the top of the line for micro-needling, having finally arrived in the UK.

Available in an assortment of lengths for different purposes, the innovative tool is available with the Rejuvenating serum for less than £85, and totally free shipping – just follow the link below.

Get professional level treatment at home
Use the code "MARSUK10" and Skin Renewal can be yours for less than £76.