Image credit: Em Sheldon
Instagram: emshelx

Here you can see the instructions - and then take the product home for a great price.
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The product that Em has been using is Swiss Clinic's Skin Renewal kit, which is a home treatment inspired by a method that was only previously used in clinics.

"I've never used any kind of tools at home. It's really exciting to use a tool you'd only ever expect to get in a salon with a premium price tag," Em said.

"I look for skincare that's going to leave me looking fresh, glowing and make my skin squeaky clean. I want long lasting results. Swiss Clinic makes my skin feel exceptionally glowing."

The Treatment consists of two products. The first is to use the Swiss Skin Roller, which uses microneedles to create micro-channels in the skin. This makes tiny breaks in the skin and triggers the body into boosting natural collagen production.

And secondly, a Rejuvenating Serum that provides active ingredients to the skin, stimulating white blood cell growth and promoting a healthier layer of skin. As well as rejuvenating the skin, the treatment can also be used to reduce both lines, scars and pigment defects.

There's a big discount on the treatment now after it recently launched in the UK. Customers can get a 15% discount when they shop, meaning they can get a professional-quality treatment at their home for even less than usual.

"I'd recommend it to people who really want to add something special to their skincare routine, particularly if they're looking for plump, glowing skin," Em continued.

It's so easy to integrate, I simply leave it on my bathroom shelf and I can easily grab it whenever I need to use it. It's very quick and feels like you're having a salon treatment no matter how busy you are."

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