Here you can purchase the award-winning treatment
Get the Swiss Clinic Skin Renewal kit for just £84 with free shipping

Why does the cold affect our skin?
Cold winter air takes away a lot of the skins natural moisture, which can lead to dryness, chafing, redness and soreness. Those with sensitive skin, with eczema, or other skin issues will be especially affected.

Exposed skin can dry out quicker - so unless you wear a balaclava, your face is the most likely place to get affected during those cold winter months.

What can I do about it?
As the temperatures have started to drop, you might have noticed your skin changing. But that isn't a reason to give up or despair - whether your skin is already damaged from the cold, or you simply want to plan ahead.

Beauty company Swiss Clinic has just launched in the UK and is eager to introduce more British women to their state-of-the-art beauty technology, offering opening deals exclusively to UK residents.

And one of their products which can help combat the wintry weather is the skin renewal kit - which contains both a skin roller and rejuvenating serum. Shaped like a razor, but with hundreds of microneedles at the tip instead, the Swiss Clinic Skin Roller leads a trend in at-home cosmetic treatment, achieving professional level results.

Here you can purchase the award-winning treatment
Get the Swiss Clinic Skin Renewal kit for just £84 with free shipping

How does it work?

The 540 micro-needles lightly exfoliate the very top layer of skin without reaching beneath it. They stimulate and trigger the collagen production as they are rolled over the problem areas to recreate fresh new skin cells. The micro-holes in the

After the roller has been used and small micro-channels in the skin have been created, the active ingredients in follow-up Rejuvenating Serum are absorbed into the skin 300% more effectively. In this way, the serum acts deep in the skin and helps strengthen the production of fresh new skin.

This recommended serum delivers all the vitamins needed to help create a new layer of healthy skin, giving skin the moisture it needs during the cold weather.

The Swiss Clinic Skin Roller picked up the award for Innovation of the Year 2015, and has since launched in the UK market. The acclaimed Skin Renewal kit minimizes fine lines, wrinkles and scars, makes skin firmer and smoother, improves elasticity and reduces enlarged pores.

Available in an assortment of lengths for different purposes, the innovative tool is available with the Rejuvenating serum for less than £100, and totally free shipping – just follow the link below.

Get professional level treatment at home
The Swiss Clinic Skin Renewal kit is now available to own for just £84 with free shipping