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Holly said: "For years and years now, I have struggled with deep expression lines all over my face. I think it's partly due to the fact I get very little sleep and have suffered from insomnia for many years now. I feel like this has helped contribute to the lines underneath my eyes. I also have incredibly dry skin."

But Holly has started using Skin Renewal - a home treatment by the beauty company Swiss Clinic. The treatment consists of two stages: Firstly, you use the hundreds of tiny needles on the Skin Roller, rolling them over your face to create micro channels in your skin - this triggers your body to start its natural healing process.

You then apply the Rejuvenating Serum, which provides active ingredients to the skin, promoting a healthier layer of skin. And the micro channels created by the Skin Roller helps the Rejuvenating Serum to be absorbed 300% more effectively.

“I found that the results after doing it for 5 days have actually been incredible. Although the lines aren’t completely gone - I’m not expecting miracles - they are drastically reduced. It’s definitely something I’m going to use for years to come," Holly said.

"While this is a higher price point for a skincare item I would normally use, I honestly think with something like this, you get what you pay for. If you were to go to a clinic to have this done, you would be paying hundreds or thousands for a one-off treatment, whereas you can use this from home whenever you want."

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