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“It hit me very hard when I got skin problems. It is of course very sad for everyone who suffers from acne, but in my profession there is a constant pressure to look good. Working as a blogger and influencer means that people expect me to look absolutely perfect. The whole time,” Johanna said.

Two years ago she suffered from adult acne – something that made Johanna into a real beauty expert. But it was a long journey through the skin care industry before she found the methods that actually produces results.

“I've tried very many different products and brands to get rid of acne, there are very few things that will help,” Johanna said.

“Using less makeup, even though it's hard, is something that actually makes a difference. It is also good to go to a salon and get professional help to treat acne. Finally, I got great results by using Skin Renewal, which was developed by Swiss Clinic.

Skin Renewal is a home treatment that increases the skin's collagen production and supports cell renewal. It’s a treatment that not only gives skin rejuvenating effects such as increased elasticity and glow but also helps to reduce acne scars. Many who tested Skin Renewal found that their skin tone became more even and their skin got an incredible glow in just a few weeks.

And Skin Renewal is currently exclusively available with a 15% discount for UK customers.

“It is a top product that offers a similar treatment as the laser performs, but at home,” Johanna added.

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