Get a professional whitening treatment for your teeth here.
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It takes time, and often costs a lot of money, to go a dentist or specialist clinic if all you want is to get your teeth whiter. But the Total Whitening System can be used whenever you want, and gives long-lasting results despite being up to 90% cheaper than clinics and dentists.

It’s not even necessary to wait until you've got yellow, stained or discolored teeth before you whiten them. Sometimes you just want a small adjustment for the better, just as 24-year-old fashion blogger Linda Juhola found.

“I have always had straight and white teeth, but still I wanted to get extra shine and a perfect white smile. At times, I drink a lot of tea and that causes my teeth to become discolored,” she said.

Linda has previously tested various teeth whitening products. She has taken professional teeth whitening specialist and tried teeth whitening strips home, but none of them worked for her.

“Swiss Whitening was the first professional whitening I used at home. After I had read through the instructions, it was easy to use.”

The Total Whitening System gives the same results as at the dentist, but it is up to 90 percent cheaper.

“Before I began, I hoped that I would see results quickly and that the treatment would be painless. It turned out that this was exactly as I hoped - I saw a clear difference after only two treatments. Swiss Whitening was gentle on my teeth and I felt nothing during treatment.”

The Total Whitening System, from Swiss Clinic, is made up of two products – the Whitening System and the Whitening System Pen.

First, you use the Whitening System, which has custom formable mouth trays, which you dip into warm water for five-to-ten seconds and then gently bite into to mould to your teeth.

Then, brush your teeth thoroughly, and apply the teeth whitening gel to the mouth tray, put in your mouth and leave for 45-60 minutes.

After this, there is the Whitening System Pen, which contains a gel – which you apply a thin layer of – for your teeth. It takes about 15 seconds to dry and is then left on your teeth for around half an hour.

The Total Whitening System combines both treatments in one package, providing the best results, usually keeping teeth white for one-to-two years.

Get a professional whitening treatment for your teeth here.
Right now: enter the code "MARSUK10" for 10% off on all orders over £50