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She saw she had textured and dry skin on her cheeks, and her pores were far too visible for her liking. But thankfully, the innovative Skin Renewal from Swiss Clinic helped.

The Swiss-quality home treatment can be yours for a 15% discount – but it’s first come, first served!

“I can notice a change after just one day now,” Abbie said.

“For me, I had a breakout of acne when I started using Skin Renewal and it really helped with that. If I do have a breakout of acne and I need my skin to look good for say, the next day, I will use the Skin Roller the night before and I know my skin will look better the next day.”

Skin Renewal is a two-step process. The first uses the microneedles in the Skin Roller to create micro-channels in the skin. This makes tiny breaks in the skin and triggers the body into boosting natural collagen production.

And secondly, there is a Rejuvenating Serum that provides active ingredients to the skin, stimulating white blood cell growth and promoting a healthier layer of skin. As well as rejuvenating the skin, the treatment can also be used to reduce wrinkles, acne scars, and pigment defects.

Abbie continued: “I’m very keen on things that I see results with quite quickly, and this was definitely the case with Skin Renewal.”

There's a big discount on the treatment now after it recently launched in the UK. Customers can get a 15% discount when they shop, meaning they can get a professional-quality treatment at their home for even less than usual.

“It blurred my pores and they look a lot more refined now. I get a lot of texture around my check, it’s quite common with oily skin, and it does really help reduce that. If you have dry skin or dry patches of skin, then this helps that too.

“And it wasn’t difficult to fit into my beauty regime – I take around five minutes before bed to use the roller and then apply the serum. I only use things I see results with and I’ve been using this for three months now!”

Swiss Clinic’s Skin Renewal can help you say goodbye to scars, wrinkles and more.
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