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Skin Renewal - a home treatment developed by beauty company Swiss Clinic - has been praised by women, who have said it is effective at getting rid of wrinkles, lines, adult acne, and other blemishes.

The home treatment consists of two parts. First the Skin Roller, which is the perfect tool for the management and renewal of the skin. After just a few minutes of use, micro-channels are created in the skin, which allows it to absorb up to 300 percent more serum or gel. Then the Rejuvenating Serum is applied, soaking deep into the skin and using its active ingredients to promote the production of new skin. Blogger Sirpa Pöyhönen, 57, discussed her experiences and the results she saw after trying Skin Renewal, after just a couple of weeks of use.

How long have you been using Skin Renewal?
- I have used the product for a couple of weeks.

How soon did you notice the results?
- I noticed my skin became firmer after a few days of use. I applied the Rejuvenating Serum immediately after using the Skin Roller.

What kind of results did you notice you've had?
- I noticed my skin colour became more even and became much softer too. My skin already has a lot of scars and liver spots.Many years ago I owned a beauty salon and the area still interests me. I think that regular skincare helps to keep skin soft and youthful.

What kind of results did you expect from Skin Renewal? Were the results better than what you were expecting?
- I did not really have any expectations with regard to the product. I've heard about it before, but I never tried it. Based on opinions of professionals, they seem to fully agree with my view.

vWas there anything surprising about the products?
- When applying the Rejuvenating Serum I didn't feel any greasiness at, its composition is very light. I noticed the skin on my face, as well as the décolleté and on my neck became firmer. I believe in the healing power of needles.

Would you recommend Skin Renewal? For whom and why?
- I have recommended Skin Renewal to my daughter. I would recommend the product to friends and relatives who have skin problems.

What do you think is best about the product?
- I've heard from other women that my skin is much firmer - and it sure is! In addition to the positive effects that appear on my skin, both the Skin Roller and Rejuvenating Serum are really easy to use. When using the treatment, it is also very important to remember to disinfect the skin thoroughly before use and strictly disinfected to Skin Roller after use. I will definitely continue to use this product!

Right now: Get 15% off Skin Renewal here.
And enter the code "MARSUK10" for an extra 10% off on all orders over £50