First come first served! Here you can take home the brilliant product and see the instructions.

Few products are so popular in such a short time that they are sold. But this was what happened with the home treatment, Skin Renewal, produced by beauty supplier Swiss Clinic. Thousands of women were so happy with the skin care product that it was flying off the shelves and completely sold out.

One of the many women who has experienced positive results with Skin Renewal Kit, is beauty blogger Mascha Vang.

"I could quite quickly see and feel a change. One can immediately sense an immediate impact, both in structure and glow," she said.

One of the benefits of Skin Renewal for Mascha is that she can use home treatment, whenever she has the time.

"I rarely go out and get treatments because it is expensive and time-consuming, but this way I get an effective treatment, I can use it when it suits me, and that's in addition to the effect, which is probably the biggest benefit," she explained.

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